John Schwertlech
North East Sales Office
902 Coronado Blvd.
Universal City, TX 78148

"Todays Power with Yesterdays Service"

Phone: (830) 608-5489
Wireless: (210) 885-4420
Fax: (830) 608-2728
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Todays Power with Yesterdays Service

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John Schwertlech epitomizes integrity, hard work, and knowledge in every stage of your real estate transaction. John grew up in the San Antonio area and has been in business there since 1997. His family were some of the original Anglo settlers of Texas fighting in the Texas Revolution in Gonzales, Bexar, and later to victory at San Jacinto. The passion and vision of his ancestors for Texas to become a great country, and later a state, lives deep within his soul which makes every person he helps a personal victory for our community. John is a family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife, and his children. An outdoorsman and somewhat adventurer by nature, in his off time he is usually found working on his ranch or exploring some new part of our beautiful nation with his family. John has built his business and career around customer service and having the heart of a teacher. He blends his personal experiences and industry knowledge to proactively address deta ils before they become a problem. John and his team work hard to initiate communication in every detail of a transaction from the first phone call all the way to closing and beyond. Many of his clients end up being his personal friends, sharing laughter, holidays, and all the good fortune having friends offers. John and his passion for helping people brings to mind many words including love, commitment, integrity, and of course fun!

Escaping to the life of your dreams doesn't have to remain a fantasy. I love helping my friends invest in their future by taming the beast called REAL ESTATE. With the right weapons and an aggressive army of professionals to back us up you can rest easy in knowing you are protected and supported. I've never met a stranger, only new friends.